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Mx Justin Vivian Bond is a trans-genre artist living in New York City. As a performer both on and Off-Broadway, Mx Bond has received numerous accolades winning an Obie (2001), a Bessie (2004), a Tony nomination (2007), the Ethyl Eichelberger Award (2007), The Peter Reed Foundaton Grant, and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists Award.

V authored the Lambda Literary Award winning memoir TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels (The Feminist Press, 2011). Films include John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus (2006), Sunset Stories (2012), Imaginary Heroes (2004), Fanci's Persuasion (1995), After Louie (2016). Television credits include Difficult People, (2017), High Maintenance, (2016) and The Get Down, (2016).

Solo exhibitions of JVB's watercolors, sculptural installations and live art have been presented by The New Museum as part of the exhibition titled Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon (NYC, 2017), Participant, Inc. (NYC, 2011, 2016), Art Market Provincetown (2014), and Vitrine (London, 2015).

Albums include Kiki and Herb: Do You Hear What We Hear?, Kiki and Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall, Dendrophile, and Silver Wells.

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Silver Wells

One of New York's favorite cabaret artists is a transgender warrior who for years performed as the seasoned-salty lounge singer Kiki DuRayne. Bond's theatrical streak reshapes itself on this collection: the songs form a parallel narrative to Joan Didion's novel "Play It As It Lays", tapping into its themes of isolation and grim self-reliance through songs by tough storytellers like Mark Eitzel, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. Thomas "Doveman" Bartlett's piano arrangements support Bond's intense soliloquys. — Ann Powers, NPR Music

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Track List
1. Dues  
2. The Kick Inside  
3. Sinnerman  
4. Famous Blue Raincoat  
5. Talkin' About a Revolution
6. Lesson in Survival  
7. Let the Wind Carry Me  
8. Alabama Song
9. Patriot's Heart
10. Until the Real Thing Comes Along
11. Clean White Bed
12. Leftover Wine
13. Something Cool
14. Stars

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The material comprising Dendrophile reveals the variety of Bond’s artistic passions and is greatly influenced by early `70s folk-pop variety records by artists that defied genre and could easily go from protest songs to jazz standards, from adapting a traditional folk song to singing cabaret music. Features original compositions and select covers of Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins/Joan Baez, and Exuma.

Thomas Bartlett (aka Doveman), plays piano, serves as bandleader, and produced the album with help from Pat Dillett (David Byrne, Caetano Veloso, Laurie Anderson).

Like V.'s shows, the album finds Bond surrounded by a significant cross-section of NYC talent: Sam Amidon, Rob Moose, Shahzad Ismaily, Brad Albetta, Doug Wieselman; It also features singers Beth Orton and Dawn Landes, among others
— Otherwild

Digital Download | $10

Track List
1. American Wedding
2. The Golden Age of Hustlers
3. Equipoise
4. The New Economy
5. Salome
6. Genet Song
7. 22nd Century
8. Crowley a la Lee
9. Superstar/ Diamonds and Rust
10. In the End
11. Court and Spark

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Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels

Thank you, Justin, for your courage in writing the truth of what you went through as a transgender child in this society. Thank you, also, for your sense of humor. This book is very important, and fun to read as well. ― Yoko Ono, artist

Like Bond, the memoir is droll, pensive and filled with zingers teetering between funny and ferocious.   The New York Times

Reading Tango is like listening to your favorite eccentric cousin or auntie tell you hair-raising tales of innocence lost and found, friendships forged of adversity, and bullies bewildered by their own perversity. Justin Vivian spins a one-of-a-kind story that you won't be able to put down.  Kate Bornstein

Bond recalls in vivid detail how it looked and felt to first discover Mom's lipstick (Iced Watermelon by Revlon), and how dreary it could be for a trans/queer kid to join the Cub Scouts. Always haunted by the knowledge of being "different," Bond began to create intimate friendships with girls, and to feel increasingly at risk with boys. But when the bully next door wanted to meet secretly, Bond couldn't resist. Their trysts went on for years, making Bond acutely aware of how sexual power and vulnerability can be experienced at the same time. With inimitable style, Bond raises issues about LBGTQ adolescence, parenting trans/queer children, and bullying, while being utterly entertaining.


The Afternoon of a Faun with Etat Libre d'Orange 

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My directive was, I wanted it to smell like ‘a touch of taint on the knoll at twilight.’ By that, I mean I wanted it to smell like two faeries dancing by a fire in the woods and then going off and having sex next to a bed of flowers. It’s kind of sexy. I've had that hillside experience and just don't get to have it all the time. I wanted to make sure to remind myself and everyone else that it could be done. — Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Paper Magazine

Mx Justin Vivian Bond’s new scent for Etat Libre d’Orange is opulent, robust and refined. — John Preston, VADA Magazine